Looking Forward to December

Three (surprising) things we’re looking forward to eating in December

Cooking and dining in December can seem straightforward enough. Theoretically, it’s the time of rum balls, gingerbread houses, and brining, then basting, turkeys. But many of the traditional recipes call for both time and money, which we all know are precious and fleeting in December’s economy.

We’re all about making the choices that help you, and your community, to live well through local food, so we looked back through our 2017 archives to find a few suggestions for December menu-planning. All three options are easy on the calendar and your wallet, while allowing for festive connection and hygge-filled moments with friends and family.


A potluck meal with friends.

If there’s not a “bring a dish to share” party already on your calendar maybe you should host one. After all, the beauty of this kind of gathering is that you just make one thing! A warm Ontario apple crisp or a bright winter salad are both locally-focused dishes that shine on a holiday table.


A pickle board.

Whether a quiet night with a few friends, or ringing in the New Year, serving up a big board with a whole lot of self-serve options is always a hit. This year, the Internet has spoken: cheese boards are out, pickle boards are in. Deck out your board with homemade preserves, balance the sour with a charcuterie selection, pick up some complimentary cheeses from your favourite local food outlet, and order some condiments from the pros. 


A really epic breakfast.

Something about slowing down and digging into a feast in the morning feels really indulgent, but it’s also a meal where you can skip pricey or fussy dishes. These barley pancakes from Feast are simple, classic and delicious, while Merridy’s maple pudding offers up a sweet alternative that wouldn’t be out of place on a brunch table.

No matter how you celebrate (or what you eat), we wish you the best through the days ahead!

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