Welcome to The Good Local

The Good Local celebrates the people, businesses and organizations contributing to Canada’s food culture.  These folks are enhancing Canadians’ experience with food and The Good Local shares their stories of contribution through print, photography and video. With a story driven approach, The Good Local entertains, informs and inspires an engaged audience looking for a deeper connection with their food and the people producing it.

Our mission is simple really: Celebrate Canada’s food culture, support local food scenes and connect people with inspiring producers.

Good Local Custom

Throughout Canada there are people, businesses and organizations contributing to our food culture everyday in important ways. Inspired by these hard working honest brands, The Good Local wanted to offer a service that would make a significant impact on their marketing efforts. So we came up with Good Local Custom. Good Local Custom will create custom content for brands with similar values and beliefs. Good Local Custom partners our storytellers with brands to produce custom written, video and photography projects. We help brands connect to their audience in a meaningful, memorable and exciting way.

To find out how you can strengthen your brand with custom content send us a note at thegoodlocal@gmail.com.