Photography by Liam Crawford

Written by Hailey Brooks

Even though the 2016 season is just getting started we are looking back at a day late in the 2015 season with Holly Ray Farms.


Nestled just outside of Stirling Ontario, Holly Ray Farms operates as an organic mixed farm business. Last season the folks at Holly Ray Farms gave us a behind the scenes look at the work they do to close the farm for the year but also prepare for next season. This is the kind of work most of us don’t think about as we are enjoying our end of season veggies.


Preparing for the winter months ahead does not imply a no-growth season. In fact, farmers recycle their root vegetables by keeping them underground in the cold months. As depicted, garlic is photographed drying on the wall of the garage. Cloves are recycled back into the ground to grow more garlic.


Hints of warmth gave way for a late harvest as Shane and Jamie uncovered cherries from a plastic cover. The cover serves as a barrier for frost and Shane harvested what remained. During the summer months, farmers will grow two to three times more yield from the same patch, but the cooler climate slows the growth.


Hutterites from the area help to store Hay under a row of pines to stay dry.


Teamwork is what keeps Holly Ray Farms operating smoothly. Even the farm cat lent a helping hand. A natural protector, the farm cat patrolled the field and warded off any loitering pests. The farmers expressed that there aren’t a lot of unwanted guests and though they can’t confirm, the cat is merited for keeping the peace.


We wish the team at Holly Ray the very best this season! Visit their website at: