A recap of stories from the month of May

Here at the good local, we’re celebrating — we reached the one year milestone a few weeks ago! Having set out the seeds of our early days, we’ve now come through all four seasons and are entering our second spring fully committed, and ready to embrace the growth that lies ahead.

 The great American farmer and poet, Wendell Berry, says that “eating is an agricultural act.” In other words, for better or for worse, sitting down to a meal is deeply connected to the place where its ingredients were grown and the people who grew it.

 This month we’ve been telling stories of that connection: from the little family farm that could to a family-run farm that focuses on events, to festivals that give food and drink top-billing. These celebratory stories are all about the folks behind the scene, who put in long hours and start planning months in advance, to be able to deliver a food experience that honours their own work, the land it comes from, and the act of eating.

 We here at the good local share those same goals — we want the work we do to be in service of local communities, sustainable living and good eating. By telling these stories, we hope to deepen that connection from field to fork, and to make community and conversation agricultural acts too.


Puddleduck Farm

On a rainy day in early spring we spent the day with Merridy and Eben on their farm in Pontypool, Ontario.  It was great learning about what a day on the farm looks like for this hard working family during maple syrup season.


Field Trip Festival Giveaway

Field Trip has quickly become one of the most anticipated festivals in Toronto not only for the music but also for the local food vendors.  This year we gave away two tickets to the fest! Even if you didn’t win you should head to the festival June 3-4 for an all around wonderful experience in the city.


The Good Local: Year One

This May we celebrated our 1st birthday! It’s been an amazing year sharing stories about some of the hard working and inspiring people from around the country as they contribute to their local food scene. To mark the occasion we put all of the stories we have shared so far in one post. Take a trip down memory lane!


Leslieville Food and Drink Festival

Photographer Jeannette Breward captured all the action at this years Leslieville Food and Drink Festival. This food, drink, music and art festival has it all and has become the pride of Toronto’s east side.  Congrats to our winner of the VIP passes we gave away!


South Pond Farms

It was ten years ago, on a drive looking for country property, the kind Danielle French remembered connecting to in her childhood, that she stumbled upon the farm that she would later buy and restore. Though it was in total disrepair, she saw the spark of what it could become. Read about the vision, drive and passion that keeps Danielle focused on growing her business.