Put that single-serving candy you swiped from the kids down. Seriously. This isn’t some kind of health thing — it’s about timing. We don’t have time to waste on Reese’s Cups!

Things are about to get really spooky.

Enter any retail store today, and you’ll see what we’re up against. The pumpkins and cobwebs have been hastily boxed up, the candy is deeply discounted, and in it’s place, a winter wonderland has invaded, looking nothing at all like the still-falling leaves and grey skies outside.

No matter what the marketers would have you believe, Christmas is still 7 weeks away. The way we look at it, you’ve only got one short month to eat what you want before the holiday invasions conquers the menu, too. Once December rolls around, it’s all poultry and pies, peppermint sticks and peanut brittle; it’s advent calendar chocolates for breakfast, spiced rum at bedtime. The hand of tradition weighs heavily on foodies. If you’re reading this from America, you’ve got even less time to lose.

Here’s the game plan: get out there and eat it all — everything that suddenly vanishes once the bad sweaters come out and the baking begins.

November is the time to try new and complicated recipes, support your favourite locally-owned lunch spot, and eat whatever our hearts desire.

This month at the good local, we want to learn new things and discover the beauty of doing things differently, and we think you should, too. Before it’s too late.