Victory Gardens is a team of urban growers for hire who help you grow food in your space, for your consumption! Founded in Vancouver by Sam Philips, Lisa Giroday and Maxim Winther, the group offers a diverse selection of backgrounds and skill-sets including farmers, master gardeners, sustainable product developers and seasoned entrepreneurs. The Good Local discovered the company last year and have been big fans of the team ever since. Their work is not only inspiring but also incredibly important.

As a one-stop-shop for food growing their services include helping you build your garden, teaching you how to grow in it, or they can even grow food for you! They build gardens in back and front yards, patios and rooftops, for businesses, educational institutions and private homes.

Why should you build your own Victory Garden? With your own garden you decrease your impact on the environment, support your own local economy, create a healthy environment with organic food and participate in the movement towards new and sustainable food systems within our community.

We caught up with the busy team between house calls to asked them a few questions about the company.

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GL – How did VG start?

VG – Victory Gardens started out of a love for gardening and a realization that we wanted to grow food for a living. Three friends built out the concept, raised funds, test drove the market and within a year, were convinced that the model had legs to stand on and made a go of it.

GL – What do you love most about your job?

 VG – This is super tough to answer as our jobs offer many meaningful opportunities to be excited about. Though, in 2015, Victory Gardens launched The Classroom Gardener, a school garden program, and working with kids, teaching them how to grow food, is pretty darn amazing and may take the cake.

GL – Why don’t more people grow their own veggies?

VG – Limited space, barriers like knowledge, infrastructure and motivation. We hope to offer solutions to all of these challenges.

GL – What are your top tips for newbies?

VG – Don’t take it too seriously. Try everything. Don’t underestimate how much you have to water. Do your homework and grow things that are suitable to your space (amounts of light, size of container, etc).

GL – Favourite summer harvest meal?

VG – There are too many to pick but to name a few; Pesto, fresh salad and smoothies.

GL – Future goals for the company and your clients

VG – To decrease the reliance on our global food system by building as many gardens as there are yards, rooftops and patios, and to continue to educate folks on how to be successful in their gardens to ensure high productivity and efficacy!

If you are in the Vancouver area and are thinking about starting your own garden or need some advice on how to take your existing garden to the next level, we have the contest for you! The Good Local and Victory Gardens have teamed up to give away $100 towards any service Victory Gardens provides. See below for details. Good luck and happy gardening!


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