Things have been quiet here at the site, but behind the scenes we’ve been channeling all of the season’s springtime energy into new growth for The Good Local.

We’ve been building an online presence that fits the values we’ve had since the very beginning, values that match the pace of life, food, and community that we know is best for us, and for the earth: better, not more; smaller, not bigger; slower, not faster. We hope this new site feels welcoming, engaging and inspiring.

We’ve worked on redeveloping the site into one that is more beautiful and simple to navigate. We’ve even created a page devoted to making the small, locally-focused producers we feature more accessible to close the gap between reading about food and tasting it.

We want to help you connect with the visionary people, the authentic methods, the seasonal rhythms, and the beautiful places that create the food you love.

This is the new Good Local. Our mission is simple; celebrate Canada’s food culture, support local food scenes and connect people with inspiring producers.

Change is good. Now let’s eat!